Hash $unday 4/14/13, render unto Caesar

What?: Hash number mumblemumble Why?: Why not?.....but if you need a reason there are a few....Hillbilly is invading us......celebrate tax day?.....insert other reasons here. Who?: BamBam Bottomfeeder and In God We Thrust. Where?: 507A Shamrock Road, Charlottesville VA, 22903. When?: Sunday April 14th @ 1234pm. Yes, it is earlier than usual. Other things to know: … Continue reading Hash $unday 4/14/13, render unto Caesar

Hash Trash #418, Wednesday 6-22-11

I'm hungover, Bend over, Rhymoceros. It was hot. We were hanging out in a parking lot. LOL No really it was. 🙂 I'm sure I'll forget some names but here's who showed...Hares Captain Spewart and NFHN Byron, Stuff'd and Cuff'd, NFHN Matt, NFHN Casey, NFHN Karen,Jackass, Charges when Horny, Green Nuts and Ham, LL Cumstain, … Continue reading Hash Trash #418, Wednesday 6-22-11

Hash Trash #383

5 Determined Hashers met up at the Rotunda on this sunny Sunday afternoon: Green Nuts & Ham Zamboneme NFHN Tori NFHN Katie Stuffed & Cuffed Green Nuts hared to the first beer check at Baja. Trail was short and the beer was cold. When Green asked if anyone wanted to hare the next leg Zamboneme … Continue reading Hash Trash #383

Hash trash 381

(Do not miss the St Patty's Day Pub Crawl Wed night!!! Details below this post) Two solid days of rain led up to this wonderful trail promising much sneaker sopping mud and cold, swollen creeks. We had virgins, visitors and backsliders We had plenty of beer stops, shiggy, shortcutters, and lost, confused hashers Someone chime … Continue reading Hash trash 381