Hash Trash #383

5 Determined Hashers met up at the Rotunda on this sunny Sunday afternoon:
Green Nuts & Ham
NFHN Katie
Stuffed & Cuffed

Green Nuts hared to the first beer check at Baja. Trail was short and the beer was cold. When Green asked if anyone wanted to hare the next leg Zamboneme took that as a challenge to find every bit of shiggy in a 3 block radius. The small pack ended up at 3 where they enjoyed more cold beverages and tater tots. Delicious!

One thought on “Hash Trash #383

  1. Stuff'd N Cuff'd says:

    this was hash trash that motor was dreaming about during hash 376. you all should have been there, if you dont remember just go back and read it just leave the cold and snow out.

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