Hare Count and Harlot Tag

If you are not a named hasher and start running with the Harlots you will

1) have made the best decision of your life

2) have the chance to get a hash name and a collar

So how can YOU receive your cHARLOTtesville Dog Tag?!
If cHARLOTtesville is your home kennel, you are eligible for your tag IF and ONLY IF:
*You have gone through a cHARLOTtesville permanent naming process.
     -Once a harlot with a temporary name has attended a “handful” (defined below description) of trails, they will be subject to receive a permanent name after haring their first trail. Your name is GIVEN to you and chosen by your fellow harlots. Once you receive this sacred name chose by your fellow wankers, you dog tag will be made and given to you at the next trail you attend.
If you are new to the cHARLOTtesville area and were named in a different kennel of your previous residence:
     -Attendance to a “handful” of trails is required. You will receive your dog tag on the first trail you hare during circle. Your tag will be given to you on the day you lay your first trail.
ANY HASHER can earn a dog tag– it just requires some “Tag Teaming”– Cum to a “Handful” cHARLOTtesville trails and then hare one! You will receive your dog tag during circle of the trail you laid.
How much is a “handful” you ask?
How many times do you need to cum to fill up your hand? 5? 10?
In the past, this meant 10 trails. However; If you have been a regular attender and supporter of the Harlots and find a perfect day/time to cum and hare, we can be flexible with this number. Please contact mismanagement and express your interest with haring and earning a dog tag.

If you hare 5 trails or do 25 runs with us, you are eligible for a special patch or mug.

Hare Counts since trail 500 TDP


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