August 27th – Slutty Dress Run!

Attention Wanks!

We have a very exciting event coming up in a couple of weeks so pay attention.

What: Slutty Dress Run, cohosted by cHARLOTtesville H3, RH3, Titanic Memorial, and 7H4!
When: Saturday August 27th, 1:00pm, hares away at 2:00pm.
Where: Forest Hills Park. 1022 Forest Hills Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22901. We have a picnic shelter reserved!
Why: This will be a fundraiser for the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (
Cost: $15
What it gets you: A fucking awesome trail where you get to flaunt your sexiest, sluttiest dress, including two beer stops, down down beers, and a burrito bar to finish. Patch and toe tags also included. 

100% of the proceeds will go to the Sexual Assault Resource Agency. Donations are used to provide free services and supplies to survivors (men, women, and children) of sexual assault. 

If you would like to pay SARA directly we ask that you show proof of the $15 donation the day of the event. Otherwise, show up with $15 and we’ll deliver the money to SARA directly. If you’re feeling incredibly generous, you may also bring items such as underwear, shirts, socks, and sweats, as long as they’re new and in the package. This is not in lieu of the $15, this is in addition to the $15 and is optional. If you cannot attend but would like a patch, send proof of a $10 donation to SARA, and we’ll mail you a patch. 

Misman had a meeting with SARA reps last week, and they’re as pumped about this event as we are! So throw on your shiggy socks, hike up your skirt, and join us to support SARA in their efforts to raise awareness and eliminate sexual violence. 

Plan B

ps. Anyone who would like to help out please contact Plan B. (That’s me, duh).

Update!!!! Trail Wed. Aug. 17th Do the Dew!

New location: Food Lion- 1131 5th St SW, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Time: Gather at 6, hares away 6:30
Shiggy: 2
Why? Because we almost died scouting some other shit from that last location… we’ll keep that nightmare of a trail in our back pockets for a future Sunday😉
-Dew me bear back

The dew trail
When: Wednesday August 17th
Time: Gather at 6, hares away 6:30
Where: 958 North Milton Road, Charlottesville, VA 22911 (Its a school with some parking off to the side, school hasn’t started so I think we will be ok)  New location: Food Lion- 1131 5th St SW, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Hares: Mountain Dew Me and Bear Back Fanny Packed
Dets: shiggy probably 2 -3 and perhaps some water so be prepared
bring: EVERYTHING and virgins and shiggy socks and hash cash
Get ready to Dew the Dew!

Return to O! Trail 578

Return to O! ( hill that is)
Trail will be super flat and easy( like your mom)
when: Wednesday August 3rd, gather 6 pm, hares away 6:30pm
What: Trail ya wank! shiggy 2.5, 4ish miles
hares: HPZ and Pennsyltucky (possible naming trail so get your questions ready!)
bring: virgins, shiggy socks, hash cash
where: Durty Nellies Pub 2200 Jefferson Park Ave, Charlottesville



Eric’s bastard baby!


On after at Timberwood




As much as Wednesday trails kick ass, let’s bring back some of that Sunday debauchery!

Hares: Bear Back Fanny Packed and Ass Juices.
When: Sunday 7/31/16 2:30 pee em. Hares away at 2:69.
Total Distance Estimation: 3.5-4.0 Miles
Shiggy Level Estimation: 3.0 No dogs or kids (Might be dog friendly for Cujo, but I’d leave fifi at home)
  • From 29 N, turn left onto Lewis and Clark Dr. You’ll take you’re 1st left into UVA Research park.
  • When turning into the UVA research park, you’ll see 2 office buildings. Circle will gather in the parking lot in front of the “Town Center 3” building, which is the building on the left.
  • Wear Shiggy socks!
Bring $5 hash cash, virgins, and an enema to clear out those Ass Packed Fanny Juices!
On-After Location: Timberwood Grill- 3311 Worth Crossing, Charlottesville, VA 22911
-Bear Back Fanny Packed and Ass Juices

Trail #576 – Wednesday, July 20th

Listen up wankers, we’ve got some important details for trail next week!

What: Trail #576 – Free the Mountain! (A Nut-Juice Production)
When: Wednesday, July 20th, meet at 5:30*, pack away by 7pm!
Where: Trail will start in front of the Jefferson School Parking Garage (233 4th St NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903), There is free parking in the garage, or on 4th street.
Why: Beer. Also, Rock My Wiener Schnitzel will be back in town and wants to see all your smiling beer filled faces! Cum make him pay for his extreme backsliding!
Hares: Ass Juices and Green Nuts & Ham
Other Stuff: Bring cranium lamps or fleshlights, virgins, vessels, dry clothes, and $5 Hash Cash!
Shiggy level: Should hit a good solid 2.5 even though we’re starting downtown. 😈

*So here’s the deal, you don’t really have to show up at 5:30, but if you can that would be awesome! There’s a very important meeting to get public input on the future of the trail system at Ragged Mountain ( If you want to make your voice heard the meeting starts at 5:30, get there early if you want to sign up to speak. There’s no guarantee you’ll get a turn to speak before we hit trail, but we can at least show support and put our names on the list of those advocating for shared use (aka “Option E”). Current rules forbid *unning there (that includes hashing). Also, if you decide to attend the meeting it may be a good idea to take it easy with the beer socks and dog collars, let’s try not to scare the naturalists! 😁


Hash Wednesday July 6th

What: CHHH Trail #575
When: Wednesday, July 6th, on out at 6:30pm
Where: West Park Plaza, Corner of Rio Road and Four Seasons Drive (Google Westpark Market to get you to the parking lot, then just look for the assholes who are dressed funny)
Hares: Green Nuts and Skiddy
Other: Bring Virgins, Bring vessels, and bring $5 hash cash!


hash Wednesday June 22nd

Trail: Caution: Slippery When Wet, #574

Hare: Handy Snaxxx
Where: Greenbrier Park, Charlottesville, VA 22901
When: Meet up at 6:30pm, hares away at 7pm
What to Expect: 2.5 shiggy, 3.5 miles, water crossings
What to Bring: $5, vessels, virgins, your pants (scratch that, bring your Harlot booty shorts…or really any short shorts…scratch that, don’t bring any pants of any kind, pants are forbidden…)

A Note about Location/Parking: You’ll notice there’s no street number in the Greenbrier Park address…I believe that’s because there are multiple access points to enter the park. That being said, my GPS took me to Greenbrier Drive, and along Greenbrier Drive there are two big signs for Greenbrier Park (there isn’t any parking in the actual park, at least not at these access points). Please park on the street in the nearby residential areas and walk in. Walking in at any sign/access point will get you to the same place, just follow the paths to the big wooden bridge and that’s where we will all meet up for opening and closing circle.