Trail Thursday October 20th!

Attention Wankers! At the risk of becoming overachievers, there will be two trails this week! Why: A hasher named Microdick is visiting from El Salvador this week and reached out about a Cville Hash trail, unfortunately he will miss the costume shenanigans on Sunday, so we’ll see what we can throw together Thursday as well! When: Thursday, … Continue reading Trail Thursday October 20th!

Trail 18 August

Hello fellow Harlets! It's time for trail!!! Thursday 18 August 2022. Details: We have a new hasher in the area and would like to welcome him properly with a little shiggy, some beverages, and song. Prelube: Decipher Brewery Start: Decipher Parking Lot Hare(s): Love Child, Just Sherry Hares Away: 6:00pm Pack away: 6:15pm Trail: A … Continue reading Trail 18 August