Hash Trash #418, Wednesday 6-22-11

I’m hungover, Bend over, Rhymoceros. It was hot. We were hanging out in a parking lot. LOL No really it was. 🙂
I’m sure I’ll forget some names but here’s who showed…Hares Captain
Spewart and NFHN Byron, Stuff’d and Cuff’d, NFHN Matt, NFHN Casey, NFHN
Karen,Jackass, Charges when Horny, Green Nuts and Ham, LL Cumstain, In
God We Thrust and Kiddie Muncher. Also two late cummers at the end At
Ease On My Knees and Hummer Wrecker joined in. So hares were blessed and
sent upon there way. The packed followed shortly thereafter, after doing
our normal warmups to the singing of Father Abraham (Our hash horn
“Thrust” sounded us off). The trail lead us down many unexplored streets
in the Belmont area. There were hills, steps, railroad tracks, false
trails (after 6 plops, WTF thats just cruel) and even sand. The first BN
was at an old abandoned coal station. (There was a sweet bike back there
if anyone wants to go back and get it). We were all surprised to see the
check had not been stolen. It looked like a perfect hangout for the
homeless folk and or general Charlottesville riff raff. Anyway, we
enjoyed some Busch lights and Least Beasts and moved along. The pack was
disappointed when we ran into a false trail at the rivers edge, we were
hot and wanted to get wet. So we backtracked and found true trail. True
trail lead us through shiggy along the river where we had a song break.
(Oh, dick martini) Next BN was in a cemetary. Appropriately, we enjoyed
Rogue Dead Guy Ale and sangs songs about dead whores and necrophiliacs.
We poured some out for the homeys and pushed on. The final leg of the
hash was grueling, we were soaked without even going in the river.
Stuff’d and Cuff’d sang “Today is Monday is everyone happy” but his
front running ass was too far away for most of us to hear. We all got
back to circle safely and enjoyed numerous down downs. Our virgins and
not so virgins were given idian names. Welcome Princess sparkle, Am I
wet yet and Slut, Rut Rhymoceros. Next we called our co hare NFHN Byron
into circle and asked him a plethora of questions pertaining to his
privates and his private life. We sent him away and put on our thinking
caps (We drank more beer) Hereby and forevermore we have Thunder Chief,
OK everyone sing “Dirty deeds and the Thunder Chief, Dirty deeds and the
Thunder Chief” 🙂 Congrats on getting your name finally. LOL We
wrapped up circle with some swing low and I sent the hashers in peace to
get a piece.
> May the hash live forever!!
> On-On, Kiddie Muncher

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