Trail Sunday Nov 20th





It is I, Handy Snaxxx, your official new cHARLOTesville hare raiser, bringing you deets for trail THIS SUNDAY!!!! Cum out and show us some luuuuuvin!!!

Trail Number: er…

Hares: Dew Me and BBQ
When: Sunday November 20th
Where: McIntire Park, meeting up at 2 pee em, HARES AWAY AT 2:30 PEE EM!!!
Length: it’s a surprise, HA!
Shiggy Level: 3/3.5
What to Bring: $5, shiggy soxxx, vessels, dry bag
On After: TBD

Other Reminders: if ya have a Harlot dog tag, WEAR IT because they’re awesome and unique to the Harlots!!! If you don’t have one it’s because you haven’t visited us/hared with us enough and you should fix that ASAP!

After December sign up for haring is wide open so cum talk to me if interested! If you are visiting from another kennel and want to hare we will wrangle up a local co-hare for you!

– On on,


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