Trail #586: Handy and Kibbles

Hey gang, this trail was originally going to be a pajama/onsie hash but since I had to change the location I’m going to save the PJs for when the weather gets chillier. Please come in normal hashing attire. Beer and water will be in the cooler at the start of trail but the hare will only be laying shot checks and some water on trail so plan accordingly if for some weird reason you do not want to partake in delicious shot checks.

Hares: Handy Snaxxx and Kibbles and Tits

When: Dec 4th, meet up at 2pm, hares away at 2:30pm

Where: Pen Park, 1400 Pen Park Rd Charlottesville, VA

Shiggy: 2/5

Length: 3 miles

What to Bring: $5, vessels, virgins, maybe a change of socks and shoes for slightly wet footsies

On After: TBD by the group


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