Beaver Social 11/25/15


What: the BEAVER Full m00n Social. That’s right this full m00n is named Beaver!
Who: All of you sorry wankers, we given all the old wankers that have not been out in a many a full m00n plenty of notice to make it out
Where: Wild Wing Cafe
When: Wednesday Nov. 25th 6.38 pm
Why: B/C its the BEAVER full m00n
Other things you should know: Wear your favorite BEAVER… shirt or wolf shirt. From a Oregon State University Beavers tee, to a Beavers Rock or Save a tree eat a beaver tee. For wolf you have the classic single wolf to the elusive 4 wolf design, if it has a wolf on it wear it. Don’t have a bitchin’ wolf shirt? Make one, or wear anything wolf related: Timberwolves, Teen Wolf, Steppenwolf, Airwolf, Wolfmother, Duran Duran. Bring ID, pay your own way.

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