#555 RAMBO TRAIL 12/06/15

Let’s show our founding hash father some ram-bonerly love!

When: Sunday December 6, 2015
Since the amount of daylight on this day will be shorter than all of our boners combined: On-Out no later than 1515 hours. So get there at least by 1469 (aka 1500 for you prudes)– (I’m too lazy to do the math to convert from military time)

From the center of Charlottesville, follow Barracks Road out of town (west towards the Blue Ridge mountains). This becomes Garth Road. Follow this to the Piedmont Store in Whitehall, go around the curve to the right onto Rt. 810 (do not go straight up to Sugar Hollow), Follow Rt. 810 for 7.8 miles and parking area is on the left.  Approximately 45 minutes from Charlottesville.

6610 Blackwells Hollow Road, Crozet, VA 22932

Shiggy: moderate

Elevation gain: ball-buster

Bodies of water or wet swamps/marshes: little to none

Dog-friendly: yes, as long as they do not get underfoot and are on leashes.

Bring hash cash, virgins, shiggy socks, and cranium lights

So tuck your chubs up under your belt, and cum on out for a good ol’ fashioned Rambo Trail!




NFHN Graeme actually ran trail in his slippers!


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