Hash 554, November 8th


Heeeey Wankers!

Since we’re now in the swing of the Fall season, you know we’ve gotta have a Basic Bitch trail…with PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING. Expect some friggin’ delish shot checks. Expect awesome pumpkin spice themed snaxxx.
What is a Basic Bitch? The simple definition is a girl who thinks she’s super cool/amazing/unique/exciting but is actually extremely boring/normal/stereotypical. Since Charlottesville is home to UVA, may I suggest dressing as the college addition of a basic bitch: Ugg boots, leggings as pants, huge sunglasses and North Face jackets are a good place to start. Feel free to branch out and come up with your own interpretation of a basic bitch.
This is Aunt Mildred Eater’s first time haring so this is a naming trail! Think of some juicy questions.
Here are all the deets – see you basic bitches soon!
Hares: Aunt Mildred Eater and Handy Snaxxx
When: Sunday Nov 8th at 3 pee em
Where: University of Virginia Investment Management (in Fontaine Research Park) 560 Ray C Hunt Dr #400. We’ll park in the lot on the side of the building.
Length: 3ish miles
Shiggy: 2.5/5
What to Bring: $5, vessels, virgins, HEADLAMPS
On After: Fry’s Spring Station
On-On you FFs,
Handy Snaxxx

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