Trail 546 Beefier the Better

Hash 546: The Beefier, the Better!
Hare: Booty and the Beef
When: Sunday Aug 2nd at 3 Pee Em
Where: 1801 Pireus Row Charlottesville, VA. Park behind the building so our tomfoolery is less noticeable.
Shiggy Level: shiggilicious. You’ll get wet – sopping wet
What to Bring: the usual suspects: $5, vessels, virgins
Why: cuz I gotta get me sum Harlot luvin’ before I leave for the West Coast!!!! Other kennels are also always welcum!
On After: TBD by group vote, whatever we’re in the mood for/haven’t been banned from yet.
Congrats to our newest named Harlot! Booty is now “Handy Snaxxx”

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