Hare Counts

If you are not a named hasher and start running with the Harlots you will

1) have made the best decision of your life

2) have the chance to get a hash name and a collar

The Harlots have the tradition of getting a dog collar with your name rather than a traditional hash necklace. You can receive a name after running 5 trails and haring 1, but sometimes naming can take longer. If you are already a named hasher, but you run 10 trails and hare 1 you can also earn a dog collar and be a proper Harlot Hound.

If you hare 5 trails or do 25 runs with us, you are eligible for a special patch or mug.

Hare Counts since trail 500 TDP

2 thoughts on “Hare Counts

  1. Jen says:

    Hi, I’m moving to Charlottesville in a few weeks Tig o’Bites referred me to you website. Please drop me a line to run 🏃‍♀️ Ahavah Nesikha Jenny on FB.

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