08/05/20 Wednesday Trail

Howdy Wankers, Do memories of hashing with a Harlot have you feeling like this?


You’re in luck, because it’s time for another Wednesday trail!

When: Wednesday August 5th 20205:69pm. Hares away at 6:20.

Where: Decipher Brewing parking lot: 1740 Broadway St, Charlottesville, VA 22902. Trail is A-A.

Hares: Bear Back Fanny Packed and possibly someone else????? idk.

No idea what I’m doing for a trail yet, but just save the fucking date.
Bring $5, Hash cash, virgins, and a door big enough to share in the event we all drown in search of the Heart of the Rivanna


On On!
– Bear Back Fanny Packed

******IMPORTANT SAFETY INFO****** More Trail info about today (because you know… safety third)
For anyone that is like me that needs some social distancing reassurance:
– PLEASE bring a mask. We may hit the brewery during the on after. Also, If someone needs to use the shitter at one of the BN houses, we ask that you wear a mask while doing so.
– There will be face/hand wipes + hand sanitizer with us at all times
– all beverages are in individual containers (cans, bottles, etc)
– all beverage stops will comfortably allow us to maintain a 6 foot distance
– one beverage stop has shelter that will welcome social distancing in the event of lightning
– On after (Decipher Brewing) is the largest and least patronized brewery I can think of in cville. Tons of indoor/outdoor seating. They can also provide us with lawn chairs if we do not want to go inside.
STAY THE FUCK HOME IF YOU’RE SICK See you fucks on trail.

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