Bike Hash – Sunday, July 19th

Posting for Rambo:

The commitment I had for tomorrow just went away. Therefore, Bike Hash is on for tomorrow and for August 2. I know this is late notice. Typical half-a-mind stuff. I will bring cold beer and snacks (with individual bowls for your chips). My only guideline is you can’t stick your hand in the snack bag. Beat the heat, ride in the morning, and again in the afternoon if you want to join the ride Jehnifer proposed.

No Hash fee for this one. Free beer, what’s not to like. Repeat of details below:

When: Sunday, July 19, 9:00 am

Meetup location: Walton Middle School, 4217 Red Hill Road, Charlottesville

On-after: Croby’s Urban Viddles (for lunch)

One thought on “Bike Hash – Sunday, July 19th

  1. Jonathan Larsen says:

    It has been a while since I was able to join you CHHHers. I am still locked into my Grenada home. We had to break up the Grenada Hash House Harriers because we were getting over 200 people every Saturday. Now we do 4 or 5 person groups sniffing out new trails for when the world allows us bigger groups again.

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