04/17/19 Wednesday Trail # 622

Alight Wankers, It’s time for the cville hash to do stuff!

When: Wednesday April 17th 5:40pm (Hares away at 5:69pm)
Hares: Bear Back Fanny Packed… May have a cohare if she’s able to join me.
Where: Fanny’s Crib aka “The Friend Zone”
Shiggy: 1.69 out of 5.69 (We should be staying relatively dry)
Why: Because I miss you fucks!

Trail will be A-A, so you can leave keys, wallets, phones, secret diaries, priceless religious artifacts, a map to treasure island, or whatever the fuck else you’re too afraid to bring on trail in a locked up house that we will be running right back to. No frilly themes or other crap to worry about. Just a basic hash. All you need to do is show the fuck up!

Bring $5 hash cash! Bring virgins, vessels, songs, and any harlots you can bother into attending as well!

2 thoughts on “04/17/19 Wednesday Trail # 622

  1. Brian says:

    Hey Jersey whore here. I live on cville now trying to hookup with the group. First time hashing in Atlanta please let me know where Fanny’s crib is so I can show face.

    • greennuts says:

      Hey Jersey! This trail was last Wednesday! Nothing going on this week, but we’ll have some more trails posted soon. Keep checking the website for trail info and send us your info through the “contact us” link and we can answer any questions you have.

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