Trails #599, #600, and #601: GOLF HASH/600 WEEKEND

Attention wankers!

This is your last day to rego online for our fabulous upcumming weekend, here in beautiful, scenic cHARLOTtsville! Don’t miss Trail #599 on Friday night, which will be our infamous Golf-themed nine shot trail, followed by Trail #600 on Saturday which promises to fuck you up in all the best ways (NOTE:BRING YOUR CRANIUM LAMP!!!) Saturday night is our Gilligan’s Island themed party – don’t forget your coconut bra and your grass skirt and get ready for a luau to remember!
There will be so many balls! Harlot Sangria! Delicious food and revelry! Games and prizes! Cum on out and have a great weekend with friends old and new:
Note: hash events are not recommended for virgins. If you have never been to a trail before, our next regularly scheduled trail will be held on Sunday May 7th.

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