Trail #594: Harlots Invade RH3/Fanny and AJ’s Gypsy Wedding!!

The cHARLOTtesville Harlots are Invading RH3!

Hares: Ass Juices and Bear Back Fanny Packed
Date and Time: Sunday, February 19th 2:69 pee em
Location: Chez Au Jus & Cumulus Innus: 2900 W Grace St, Richmond, VA 23221
Distance: 3-4miles A-A
Shiggy:  0.69
Additional Trail Info:
Ass Juices and Bear Back Fanny Packed are gettin’ HITCHED– GYPSY STYLE! Here is a “Gypsy Bride/Groom” checklist for all of the uncultured swine out there unaware of the reality series My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding:

You know you’re an American Gypsy Bride if:
– You’re wearing a ton of fake shitty diamonds

– You’re wearing a dress that weighs more than you
– Your fake tan stains your gown
– Your fingernails are too obnoxiously long to casually exchange wedding bands.
– You dropped out of school after the 8th grade to marry your gypsy soul mate
– The love for your significant other is “relative”– This means cousins are fair game.
You know you’re an American Gypsy Groom if:
– Your wedding outfit involves wearing a snapback
– Your wedding outfit is predominately some shitty pastel color.
– Your wedding outfit is just an open vest with a tie– Because shirts are just suggestions
– Your wedding outfit tastefully highlights your chest, face, and arm tattoos.
– You’re too hung over to not wear shades.
– You’re too hung over to say anything meaningful on the alter

Bring hash cash, virgins, and your Gypsy ways to the alter and help us celebrate our Engagement!

-Ass Juices & Bear Back Fanny Packed

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