Trail #593: Fanny’s Superbowl Trail/Social and Plan B’s Analversary!

Howdy Wanks!

Here are the details for the 2017 cHARLOTtesville Super Bowl Trail/Plan B Analversary and After Party Potluck!

1. Bear Back Fanny Packed and Plan B Trail: Good ole’ run of the mill traditional style hash.
2. Never Leave Camp Trail: For those that have kids or are just too damn lazy, Trannysaurus Sex will hare the 0.0 trail that stays at my apartment where the nacho eating and beer babysitting will happen. Kids are welcome, please no dogs.

Time: 2:30 pee em.
Date: February 5, 2017 (Superbowl Sunday)
Start Location: 109 W Water St apt. 8. Door Buzzer doesn’t work, so contact me or whoever is there to let you in (757)478-1987.
Prep: Bring food and other potluck contributions with you to the start and I can store in my fridge. Preferably nothing that requires too much preparation from my place.
Trail: Shiggy will be somewhere between a 0.69-2.69. A-A. No Dogs.
Theme: Athletic attire if you wanna be lame… LADY GAGA ATTIRE IF YOU WANNA ROOT FOR THE REAL WINNER #TEAMGAGA
Booze: The hash will provide trail beverages, but It’s BYOB to potluck in case we run out during the game.

Bring $5 Hash cash, virgins, and a game face (Or a pa-pa-pa-poker face)! Although it isn’t required, food/beverage contributions for potluck needed and appreciated (Food, wine, beer, liquor, etc…)

-Fanny, Plan B, and Trannysaurous Sex

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