Trail #582 – Sunday, OctoBEER 16th

Well, we don’t have any photographic evidence for this particular trail. I (Z0o) have decided to blame this on the rest of mismanagement because none of them were there and I was haring, and also, we are really lazy wankers.

The day started with one hare (who shall remain nameless) showed up hours late to help prelay, while the other hare prelayed half of the trail himself. When this totally irresponsible late hare showed up, we finished prelaying like the cheaters we are and then met the pack back at the Park.

Happily, Bidet, Skidmark, and Laya we are there and got their official HARLOT dog tags (yay!). With Handy Snaxxx and her four legged bitch Kibbles (and Titsx3) and Clean Clam and her sassy pup Ruby, there were more bitches than dudes in the pack. We also had a visitor, It Don’t Talk from 7H4, but we lost him partway through trail. Originally, we suspected that he was eaten by a swamp monster in one of the tunnels, but he left a note on HPZ’s car. After a timely “Hare’s away!” from Rambo, the hares were on out! Trail went towards the back of the park and did some climbing up and down banks, crossing rail road tracks, and a short tunnel, before meeting up with the hares for the first Beer Near. After this, the lazy hares joined the pack so we didn’t get caught by the hounds in the pack.

After the first Beer Near, the pack was puzzled for quite some time by an intersection, but eventually Skiddy decided to look where Zoo was subtlety  pointing and the pack was off again. Soon, they discovered an ingenious check which the charming and clever hares had devised. This check, a large “S”, was a “scare” check, where the FRB was supposed to hide and then jump out and scare the pack. Both Bidet and Zoo, attempted to scare the pack several times, but weren’t very good at hiding in the bushes or at being scary.  Trail rambled through some woods and a stream before climbing a steep hill and wandering in a field full of very determined sticky seed pods and the second Beer Near. Next, we took off down the hill toward McIntire road, up and down another steep bank (where the pups helped their two legged hashers),  and through another tunnel. Skiddy remarked that the engineering of the tunnel was sub-par and decided that the shoddy workmanship of a cinder block wall was in his way.  Like  Joshua at the wall of Jericho, Skiddy smashed down the wall and greatly amused his fellow hashers, by which I mean I could not stop laughing.

Somewhere around here, we lost It Don’t Talk and Laya ran back through some of trail looking for his body. The rest of the pack continued toward downtown cHARLOTtesville and to Laya’s new apartment. We had circle outside so we could serenade the neighborhood and then ransacked Laya’s house for snacks and beer. Great trail guys!

LOCATION: McIntire Park
Directions: Off the 250 Bypass, follow the signs

Hares: Laya Dykema, Heavy Petting Zoo, and They All Suck (who bailed)

Time: circle at 2:30, HARES AWAY AT 2:69!!!

Length: 3 – 3.5 mi

Shiggy: Some wading, brush, and hills. 2.5 – 3 mi

On After: House destruction, er warming, er orgy (that’s the one!) at Laya’s, possible pub crawl

On-on! Laya

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