Trail #581: Put it in the Bidet – Sunday, October 2nd

Here’s the trail info for Sunday!

LOCATION: VLADDIES HOUSE! hooray open day drinking!

Directions: drive to the corner of summit st and fontaine. turn on to summit street. PARK SOMEWHERE ON THE STREET YOU HEATHENS. you may have to go on to plateau road. Follow the true trail signs down a scary driveway all the way back to my parking lot, which is in the back. Ignore my neighbor if he bothers you and say you are a guest at the yellow house in the back.  

Time: circle at 2:30, HARES AWAY AT 2:69!!!

Length: who knows we don’t even know what we’re doing

Shiggy: its a Bidet and Vlad trail, expect some healthy shiggy

Hares: Bed Bath & Bidet, Vladimir Put-it-in

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