Trail Sunday May 1st!


21473_10153801271239823_2530142591252541358_nMAYbe He’s Born With It… Maybe It’s Just First Eye Blind’s Golf Hash Pants!
Let’s Welcum the new month of May with a Trail!

When: Sunday May 1st 2016 2:69pee-em
Where: Charlottesville IX fArt Park: 963 2nd St SE, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Hares: Bear Back Fanny Packed and First Eye Blind
1. We haven’t had enough of First Eye Blinds Golf Hash Pants (DAYUM GIRL)
2. We need to get over our Foxfield hangovers with some MOAR BEER
3. Incest is best! Let’s get sexy with our visiting RH3 Cohare! Let’s get kissy kissy with all of the RH3 visitors while we’re at it too!

So come on down to our trail and BE SURE TO WEAR YOUR SEXIEST PANTS

Trail is A-A, Dog Friendly-ish (don’t bring your great gram-gram’s crippled toy poodle, but the average dog should enjoy this trail, so can bring your mom– ZING!)
Shiggy should be around a 269,696,969,696.9 on a scale of 100,000,000,000-500,000,000,000

Bring $5 Hash Cash and Virgin’s.


Bear Back Fanny Packed & First Eye Blind

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