Trail #569 Saturday April 16th


Hey you wankers, I’m laying something shiggy-licious for you Saturday April 16th.

Time: Gather at 2:30, Hares away 3 pee em.

Hare: Heavy Petting Zoo and Saran Dipity from RH3!

Location: Holly’s Deli and Pub, 1221 E Market St, Charlottesville, VA 22902

On after at Holly’s. We aren’t gonna bring hash booze into Holly’s so the hares will get a few pitchers. Anything else is BuyYOB

Bring: Shiggy socks, $5, virgins that like adventure. A reporter from Cville Weekly is coming to do a story on us so talk to her. No pictures will be posted without permission.

Theme: It’s trail 569… do I need to explain?


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