Trail 548, Rock’s Birthday Trail


That’s right, everyone.

Your girl Seaman Service is finally laying trail again. This time it is in honor of the esteemed Rock, Paper Strippers (my illustrious co-hare and world traveler extraordinaire) who is turning the big dirty 30 on August 15 and will be back in town!
In keeping with the dirty 30, please come dressed as your interpretation of dirty 30. Chimney sweeps, hobos, celebrities with dirtbag husbands and a brood of children, pedophiles, etc are all encouraged.
Hash and birthday party: Saturday, August 15th
Starting location St. Maarten’s 1400 Wertland St, Charlottesville, VA 22903
(Park in the Corner parking lot or street parking. You can also park at Zoo’s and take the trolly or inner loop to the corner)
Starting time: 2:69PM, on out 4PM

Trail will start and end at St.Maartens Cafe. Please bring $5, virgins with virginias, etc

Trail will not be a pub crawl but will not be crazy shiggy. Depending on how many show up, we may have another stop at a bar so bring ID.

We may end up at Zoos house later in the evening, as I think the game crazy make em ups may be played and we probably can’t make foil penises at St. Maartens. If you want to bring extra booze etc to help the game go “smoother”, feel free.

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