Trail 544


Who: Yolks on You

What: Trail #544

When: Monday July 20 5:69 pm
Where: Pen Park, 1400 Pen Park Rd
Why: Got to get a trail in before I go on a walkabout up the east coast to, y’know, find myself.
How: by the grace of god.
Shiggy: Yes please
on-after: firefly (1304 e market st)
there will be eggs.
11745495_10153137138868315_7426430500636179123_n 11201501_10153137139223315_4294257965677520451_n 11755671_10153137139488315_4964433425380577281_n 11742831_10153137139498315_4922622832046136217_n 11174799_10153137139688315_3331963861541026911_n 11755722_10153137139238315_5144602955023068561_n

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