Trail 543 Wednesday July 8th

11745606_10153137089688315_4874494048337784280_n 11737928_10153137090033315_4450214900870985800_n 11781662_10153137089698315_11445456187860962_n 11737956_10153137089643315_1065215300394823526_n
What: America HellsYeah Trail, cum show ur support wearing her colors red, white, and green..??
Who: Stuff’d N Cuff’d and Kiddie Muncher

Where: 1710 Monticello Rd, 22902 
When: July 8th HARES AWAY at 6.39pm
Other Things to Know: Bring virgins, Bring your ID’s, bring hash cash, bring ur bare bottoms cause you could be sitting on ice. it’s a hash, you should know the other things.

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