Hash #536 Sunday May 10th

Hash #536: Your Mom
Hey wankers!
Your Mom loves to do it in the woods, so this Sunday’s trail will feature some light shiggy. Your Mom likes it in the kitchen, so there will be naughty sugar cookies. Your Mom drank when she was preggers so there will be cold beer. Your Mom is short and sweet, so the trail won’t be so long that you fall asleep in the group shower (are we starting a new tradition for the summer???)
Where: Heavy Petting Zoo’s house: 108 Clarke Ct Apt 2. Park in the lot behind her building
When: 4 Pee Em.
What to Bring: $5, vessels, and we all know your Mom loves virgins
Hares: Booty and the Beef and Heavy Petting Zoo
On After: TBD
Your Mom loves to cum so cum on down!
Booty and the Beef (for now, DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN)
1901124_10152965503383315_7211004496029200432_n 11165182_10152965503298315_6155920120539918589_n 11261218_10152965501963315_929126161853564233_n 10462920_10152965501758315_8980102148610645802_n 11050102_10152965501698315_4316886349588331515_n

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