Hash 535 Classic Hash Sunday May 3rd

Hey you lucky lucky wankers! Mustank Sally has stepped up to lay trail again next week (cause who wouldn’t step up for a good lay).  So get your lazy asses in gear for a running’ sweatin’ dirty song singin’ beer swillin’ classic hash.

WHAT: An actual trail. Shiggy of 2. 4-5 miles
WHO: Hare is Mustank Sally (yay)
WHEN: Sunday May 3rd, 2 PM
WHERE: The Hare’s humble abode, 1002 Poplar street, Charlottesville
WHAT to BRING: $5 to make you holla, Shiggy socks, vessel, maybe some dry cashews, virgins that don’t know better, a dirty song
On after TBD
Heavy Petting Zoo

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