Hash #521

IMG_0923 IMG_0925 IMG_0926 IMG_0927 IMG_0931HARLOTS LEND ME YOUR BEERS! (ok not really I would never take away your beers)

Happy New Year Everybody!
To celebrate the cumming of 2015 we are gonna have our traditional New Year Baby trail and the lovely Seaman Service has volunteered to wear the diaper! (whistle)
Trail 52x Deets:
Where: Meet at Charlottesville Fashion Square Mall

1543 Rio Road East, park behind the the Belk, look for people dressed like idiots
When: Sunday January 11th, 2 PEEEM
Hares: Seaman Service and Heavy Petting Zoo
Why: cause better to celebrate News Years late than never
PAY ATTENTION! We want you to RSVP. Text the hares at 586-651-0760 with the word “wanker” if you plan on cumming so we have enough beerz.
-bring a vessel so we can have a klassy circle
-bring virgins
-bring $5 for your hos
-think about bringing some warm clothes for after
On after:TBD

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