Welcome New Mis-Management. Happy New Year 2015!!!


Aren’t we Harlots a good looking’ bunch?


Our outgoing GM and RA run their last circle

Our outgoing GM and RA run their last circle


Bear Backed Fanny Packed trying to convert Clam

Bear Backed Fanny Packed trying to convert Clam

For you Harlots that did not make our yearly Santa Pub Crawl(that included some holiday deliciousness from Lotion, thanks Lotion); we have some new mis-mismanagement to lead this sorry group of wankers.

After some 8 years under Kiddie Munchers lack of leadership and getting us to 20 years and 500+ trails and my role as RA for many of his 8 years; we have voted in a new GM and a RA. We have enjoyed our run leading this group but the time has cum for a younger and might I say hotter 😄 leadership.

Having said all this please take a few minutes out of your time and welcome and support this new mis-management team( kiddie and I know they will be great)They are two very active young hashers that I know will build upon what past mis-management has done and in doing so will find their OWN way as to how best grow our cHARLOTtesville Hash.

Fanny a GM role- The head (who said head?!) man. The chairman of the board. The HMFIC. The guiding light. The GM is not simply figure head for the hash, rather he personifies the hash’s character (or lack thereof.) He leads with a dynamic strength that permeates the fabric of the organization. Both directly, and through his officers, he gives inspiration, direction, and vision, except those blinded by wood alcohol… Also makes random and arbitrary decisions about hash activities that everyone ends up ignoring.

HPZ a RA’s role is – Keeper of the faith. Enforcer of the scriptures. This is the hasher who has seen the light and can taste in his soul the true spirit of Hashing. The Religious Advisor spreads the word and inspires the zest and zeal of the hash in all participants. Any hasher found transgressing the spirit of hashing is disciplined by the RA. He is the keeper of the sacred Laws of Hashing and comes up with sufficiently plausible lies to cover any serious questions of propriety of actions within the hash. The RA is personally responsible for ensuring that fine weather conditions prevail for a period of not less than one hour before a hash until DFL finishes.

Our Haberdasher is still the great GREEN NUTS and HAM
Haberdasher role – Provides hash attire and hash accessories to the pack. Able to create humorous and long lasting shirts, shorts, hats, and drinking vessels out of thin air (for a small price).

Our Hash Flash is the awesome SEAMAN SERVICE
Hash Flash role – is to document by any means they can the debauchery that goes on with you wankers when we gather for our events and then post the “respectable” ones for all well almost all to see. Seamen, I just gave you a lot of love don’t let me down, Ha.

OnOn to cHARLOTtesville growing and becoming a most dis-respectable hash on the east coast.

Stuff’d N Cuff’d

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