Trail 518 – Saturday, December 13th

Classic virgin item that RH3FYOUGUYS managed to steal #pinkdildo

Classic virgin item that RH3FYOUGUYS managed to steal #pinkdildo

Date: December 13th, saTURDday
Wat: trail #518ish
Where: Start at the parking lot at 1819 E Market St, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Who: Bear Back Fanny Packed and Heavy Petting Zoo. Don’t say we didn’t warn you
Time: 1 PeeEm
Wat Else: Its a Christmas Beeracle! Hey you disreputable folk, cum on this trail! As you all know, we at chhh are friendly folk and we want to accommodate everyone’s way of celebrating the holidays, so this trail is gonna be “alternative holidays” themed. Go pull out that Hanukka sweater your Auntie Mauve made you, your favorite seven candles hat for Kwanza, or just celebrate the winter solstice like a pagan and go nekked. (Not really).
-a vessel, fo real. So we can have a classy circle
-a dry bag
-your big boy panties
-$5 for your favorite ho’s
– a plan to get home (DD, flying carpet, etc, )

Just a note… this is a shiggy trail. Not to be confused with our glorious Christmas pub crawl.

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