Hash 11-23-14 Pre Turkey Day trail

[CHHH] Trail Details 11/23/14 Pre Turkey Day.
Attention all turkey eating wankers!

I, MUST STANK SALLY, am laying trail Sunday! @12:00 aka HIGH NOON! 

Cum chase some turkeys (Seen while scouting!) through wooden shiggy.
You’re going to stuff your fat faces in a week, why not run some off before you do? 
I promise much golden beverage on a good trail with much rejoicing. 

Time:       Trail at noon 12:00
Shiggy:    mostly light with some occasional moderate shiggy
Location: I parked behind the taco bell on 5th street sw. Seemed to be kewl. Also, a Food Lion for parking across the street if it suits you. 
                Directly behind the taco bell is a part of the Rivanna trail system, walk down to the right like 50 Meters. You’ll see us! 
                examine google map below
Hash Cash: $5  

Please text/email me the word ‘Wanker’ so I can provide proper beverage quantities on trail 757-646-3692 rdorrisvb@gmail.com

Below, some info on the location

Trail Location – https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=ztLP8DDJq-iY.kvsezLILes-s

Taco Bell, 5th Street Southwest, Charlottesville, VA


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