Hares Needed!

Sign up to hare a trail! Need help haring? Just ask, we have plenty of hashers who would be glad to help. We usually hash on Sundays, but we’re flexible, so if you want a Saturday trail call it! Let’s get some hares on the calendar!

9 thoughts on “Hares Needed!

  1. Balltease Falcon says:

    Below is a quick concept for a Krampus Day Hash

    5 (fri) or 6 (sat) Dec 2014

    Downtown Mall, Charlottesville, VA

    Pre-registered hash. Cost TBD

    What is Krampus?

    Krampus is a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish children during the Yule season who had misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards well-behaved ones with gifts. Krampus is said to capture particularly naughty children in his sack and carry them away to his lair. It is also said that he may take presents away, the opposite of Santa Clause, from naughty children.

    In modern practice people dress up in demonic costumes and roam the streets on the night of St. Nicholas in Germanic countries, surprising and spanking hapless victims.

    Brief Concept:

    First of all this hash will be very different in that the pack will stay together as a group, lay trail, and then be chased down by the hares. The pack members will dress as naughty bavarian children and each carry a present they must keep safe from Krampus. The run begins with the pack departing the circle first to lay trail. The hares then wait for a predetermined time before chasing the pack. The hares, dressed as Krampus will carry paddles and spank the pack members they catch. Once a hare catches a pack member and spanks him/her the victim must give up their present to the Hare. Once a hare claims a victim’s present, he/she holds on to it, let’s the pack member go and waits for a pre-determined time to allow the pack to escape. The run portion is complete once all the pack and hares have returned to the circle.

    Detailed rules:
    1. Costume: Pack members dress up as naughty Bavarian children but any item of Bavarian or Christmas festive clothing item (except Any kind of Santa Clause items). Hares will dress up as Krampus demons and carry a spanking paddle. The Charlottesville RA will dress up as Santa (and is the ONLY member of the hash allowed to do so!).

    2. Present: Each pack member will bring a present to the circle and carry it with them during the run. The present will be a sleigh-bell collar worn around the neck.

    3. Trail: The pack stay together and lay only one trail, staying generally together. It will be Santa Clause’s job to shepherd the pack, so to speak. Any member of the pack is allowed to lay bad trails, false trails, back-checks, YBFs, etc. but this will be determined by Santa Clause. A hare is said to have caught a pack member by simply touching the victim. Once caught, the naughty child must stop and present themselves for a spanking. Once spunk, the naughty child must give up their bells to the Krampus hare. The hare will then release the now bell-less naughty child and wait 2 minutes before proceeding. Hares do not have to stay in a pack and may split up if they so choose.

    4. Safe Areas: Safe areas are beer checks, song checks, hash holds, picture checks, pub checks, dance checks etc. The hares may not spank and take bells at safe areas. Rather, they will meet up with the pack, socialize, and then wait for two minutes after the pack departs.

    5. Completion. The hash run is complete once all are accounted for back at the circle and goings on are turned over to the RA(s).

    Functionary requirements.
    1. Registered hash. Each member must pre-register by (date) an pay ($). Registration cash pays for beer, food, sleigh bells (with hash name?), and t-shirt.

    2. Invasion by other hashes. If other hashes would like to invade and they register a minimum of (#) hashers, they may nominate/elect/designate their own Krampus hare run in the hash.

    3. Hares. Only one Krampus hare per hash house. Each hare will represent their house by most spankings/bells claimed, best costume, and most dubious behavior.

    4. Prizes. TBD but may include best costumes, FRBs, DFLs, etc.

    5. Circle should conclude at an establishment that can cater and serve BEvERages to a large group.

    6. Trail should cover routes and visits through historic downtown and UVA campus.

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