Hash #486 – Sunday NovemBEER 24th

DATE: Sunday Nov. 24th
TIME: 2:69PM
START: Lazy Parrot Grill on Pantops. A to A trail
THEME: Dress in hash gear. Seriously. If you don’t have any hash gear GREEN CAN SELL YOU SOME.
Trail is short and has a lot of beer, kind of like me!!!
Hearts and Kisses, 
Heavy petting zoo
PS If any of you glorious handsome people want to cohare let me know

One thought on “Hash #486 – Sunday NovemBEER 24th

  1. heavypettingzoo says:

    Fornicating After FIve is going to my equally short cohare. Bring HEADlamps, that you can wear on your HEAD, cause I wouldn’t want any of you wanks to bump your HEAD while you are going DOWN the trail

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