Wednesday 7/17 Hash #473

When: Wednesday, July 17th, 6:30 pee em
Hares: Seaman Service and Heavy Petting Zoo
Starting point: Kemper Park

From Cville, go south on 20/Scottsville Rd past I-64. Then go east on Thomas Jefferson Parkway (the road to Monticello, also known as 53) and follow the signs to the park.

Always a good idea to bring $5 (because your ass ain’t drinking for free), virgins (duh), dry bag and a headlamp (safety third)

Why: Cause your mom said you could come when I tucked her in last night

On after: Durty Nellys
If you must contact us, text 586-651-0760 or Seaman. This is only for emergency situations, such as a desperate need of phone sex

Stuff’d N Cuff’d




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