Pub crawl going away. On-On, Bill Clinton

Hi everyone,

As you may know I’m heading out to San Diego next Monday so to make
sure I cover as many bases as possible we’re going to do a pub crawl
next Saturday (29th June) starting at 6 pm at Shebeen.

I went all High-tech on it and found an app for those with Android
phones, which I believe has GPS and messaging etc to help keep
everyone together-ish, and if people want to join in on the way it
should help out. Hopefully not everyone has i-phones. We may have to
skip a couple, depending on how many people we have.

Please forward to anyone that you think may be interested.

You can get the app here:

The PIN is 10317, no password.

Either way, the approximate schedule is below.

I hope you can make it


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