St. Patty Hash 465 3/17 Slainte!

What: Annual Jameson w/ a pickle back St.Patty day hash and there could be some Black Stuff.
Who: Stuff’d N Cuff’d and Kiddie Muncher
Where: Forest Hill Park; 1022 Forest Hills Avenue
When: March 17 hares will be away at 3.17pm
Why: Do you really need to ask why? Eirinn go Brach
Other Things to Know: Bring virgins, Bring your ID’s, You have plenty of notice so bring your Irish songs/slang and sayings, we are all Irish this day.

Also your hares most likely still to be clad in their Green Dresses from the night before and I’m sure My Mouth’s Licka Fur Boot. While you also can come clad in a green dress it is not required.

Go n-ithe an cat thu is go n-ithe an diabhal an cat

Stuff’d N Cuff’d

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