Hash 464 3/3/2013

Hey Wankers,

Cum out for trail on Sunday March 3, 1pm. That’s right I said 1pm, not not the standard 2pm. Don’t whine about this. If you have a hangover because you drank too much on Saturday night, just drink some water/Gatorade/beer/vodka, and then get your ass out to the Carmike Theater parking lot off of Hwy 29 North.

What: Expect a 3-4 mile trail, some shiggy, possible water crossing (if it’s been raining count on it being muddy). 2-4 beverage stops.
When: 1pm, Sunday March 3.
Where: The rear of the Carmike Theater parking lot, 1005 Gardens Boulevard, Charlottesville, VA 22901
Who: Pussy Snorkel and Jackass

Bring Virgins, $5 hash cash, pay your way for possible on-after.

Pussy Snorkel

Stuff’d N Cuff’d

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