Full mOOn Hash 17 May, Forest Lakes

Who: You, what are you an owl? Hashers that who. Including harriers, harlots, visitors, virgins and your mom.

What: Full mOOn farewell hash as Gaywatch is heading (who said head?) off to the land of Beer and Bratwurst.

When: 7:45ish PM. Hare away around 8ish. It needs to be dark for this trail so come prepared to pre-lube

Where: Behind the Forest Lakes Food Lion off of Timberwood and 29.

Why: Because I’m leaving dammit! Look, it is after you get off (yeah) work, really what else do you have going on? I’m making a very special pinata, and your mom is gonna be there an would really like to see you more often.

Note: I intend to mark a pretty good portion of this trail with reflective material, so fleshlights are necessary and headlamps aren’t a bad idea either. Ice circle will be held at a remote location with dick cheney and then a stroll back to the start. On After at one of the fine establishments of the forest lakes shopping center.


(spells gaywatch)

UPDATE: Bring a dry bag!

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