MVH3 AGM in C’ville this weekend (May 13-15)


For those of you who will be around this weekend, below are the details for the Mount Vernon AGM. The Pub Crawl on Friday is pay your own way. If you want to do trail Saturday it’s $15. Not sure what hash cash will be for the hangover hash on Sunday.

Thanks to the folks that confirmed for Saturday. They’ll have personalized tags for you.



Pub Crawl – Rough schedule of our pub crawl, is subject to change, but we will try to write in chalk outside an establishment as we are leaving, with our next destination. All of these pubs are within easy walking distance of one another. To get to the bars, you can take the trolley or walk and the maximum distance between each is about 50 yards.

6:30 – Trinity Irish Pub at 1501 University Ave.
7:15 – Michael’s Bistro and Tap House.
8PM – Boylan Heights, 14st NW and University.
8:45 – Baja Bean, 1327 W Main St.
9:30 – St Maarten’s at Werland and 14th St.

Hares: Roxy Moron, The Crying Game, Flying Burito, Leave It In Beaver, Hot Lips Houlihan
Hares Away at 10, pack away at 1030.

LOCATION: Pen Park: Use this address ā€“ 1306 Pen Park Rd, Charlottesville VA, a pavilion near some tennis courts and a softball field.

TRAIL NOTES: Dry, flat, no PI ā€“ just like every other MVH3 trail. But bring a change of clothes, just in case. Beer allowed at the on-in (of course!), but must be consumed in the pavilion. We will have a walker, turkey, eagle, and Neptune trail. Neptune is not an option for walkers. Distances are about 3, 4.5, and 5.5 miles for each trail. Neptune distance varies depending on conditions.

Sunday’s Hangover Hash run will start in the hotel parking lot. Hares: Can’t Keep It Shut, MOAP, Hot Lips Houlihan, and MicroSoft
Hares away at 10:00 and pack away at 10:15.

Come ready to have a good time!

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