About Us

We are the cHARLOTtesville Hash House Harriers, otherwise known as the “Harlots”. We are one of the many kennels that make up the international presence of the “Hash House Harriers”: A drinking club with a running problem. cHARLOTtesville H3 was founded on April 24, 1994 by ‘Rambo’ and ‘Bushlapper’.

Our trails are typically between 3-6 miles and include a few beverage stops before, during, and after trail. We welcum runners and walkers of all speeds. It is our policy to make sure no one is alone in the back of the pack, so no need to worry about getting lost or left behind. Our trails are known for being in and around bodies of water, in the woods with shiggy, lots of BEER, and our personable community of hashers. Never hashed before? Not a problem! We encourage and welcum newcummers to the hash! The same goes for visitors! We welcum all walks of life with open arms!

We typically meet on Sundays mid-afternoon. We also host events on Wednesdays during the Summer. We host trails whenever there are hashers willing to hare. With that said, anyone can volunteer to hare a trail on a day that has not already been called for. After every trail, there is an on-after at a bar or nearby restaurant. All event information is posted on this website, the email group, and on our Facebook page.

If you are interested in cumming to hash with us, all you have to do is show up! It’s $5.00 to participate, and it is free for virgins (newcummers). If you are interested in haring a trail, have any questions, or would like to be added to our email list or Facebook group: please email charlottesvilleh3@gmail.com.

We here at the cHARLOTtesville Hash House Harriers have two priorities

  1. Everyone in the hash feels safe.
  2. Everyone can enjoy themselves and have fun! (This includes BEER BEER BEER!!!)

With that said— We hope to see you on trail soon!


-cHARLOTtesville Mismanagement

22 thoughts on “About Us

  1. cvillehash says:

    Who are we?


    Jogging is great exercise, but, honestly–extremely boring. You have to wonder what motivates people to leave their beds before dawn, don sweat bands and short shorts, and jog around the neighborhood alone, wearing expressions of grim, painful determination.

    The Charlottesville Hash House Harriers have solved the problem by incorporating three powerful motivators into their regimen–beer, camaraderie, and the thrill of the hunt.

    Hash is a running event that tweaks the aristocratic pastime of hunting rabbits with packs of hounds. After gathering at a predetermined starting point, one or two people are designated “hares”, and they run off carrying bags of all-purpose flour; occasionally they leave bunches of the powder behind. After 15 minutes, the rest of the “hounds” mount the chase, the object being to follow the hares wherever their trail of white piles may lead, which is ultimately to a supply of beer.

    According to legend, British expatriates in what is now Malaysia held the first hash run in 1939, dubbing themselves Hash House Harriers after a local club noted for its lackluster food. There are currently more than 1,500 hash clubs worldwide.

    Charlottesville hashers run more or less every Sunday afternoon, says Joe Van Dyke, the group’s “Grandmaster”. He says the local hashes draw about 15 runners each week, and there are about 30 different people who come when they can. “We’ve got a lot of graduate students,” he says. “But there are some older members–lawyers, doctors. We’re tilting toward more females, which is pretty awesome.”

    Van Dyke says there are no rules in hash, except the ones made up on the spot. “Nothing is off limits,” he says. “We go through the woods, the muddier and denser the better. But we respect private property and whatnot.

    “Competition is highly frowned on, as is bragging about how fast you are or how fast you can run,” he says.

    Newcomers and runners of all abilities are welcome, says Van Dyke. If virgin hashers aren’t scared off by the spontaneous singing and hijinks, they’re given a hash name when they complete their fifth run. After that, using a hasher’s normal “nerd name” is verboten. In the spirit of hash, nicknames run the gamut from comical to unsavory. Van Dyke’s alias is Motorcock, while the group’s “religious adviser” is known as Naked Boy.

    Van Dyke says the runs are a great way to meet people (like Quicktongue, Mudpuppy, Flash Me First, Slalom Slut, and Wee Wee Herman). “Hash’s unofficial motto is that we’re a drinking group with a running problem,” Van Dyke says.

    –John Borgmeyer C-Ville Weekly, Fall 2002

  2. for Sale or Rent says:

    Hey Hashers,
    I was wondering about sightseeing and win(e)ing in your fair city! Mount Vernon Hash House Harriers are visiting on the weekend of 13-15 May for their Annual General Meeting. Figured since I’m in town I could use some hints. Like ‘not-to-be-missed’ stuff. Is there a place with good rock (not rock & roll) to dance to…. current and not country. Feel free to give me the scoop. If interested in the AGM take a look at MVH3 — http://www.dchashing.org/

    On On For Sale or Rent

    • greennuts says:

      We had no hare for the 24th, next trail is May 1st. We try and run every week, but we’re a small hash, so it doesn’t always happen. Hope you can make it out!

  3. Ian Verchere says:

    Greetings Cville Hash,
    I’m visiting hasher from UK — South Herts HHH (aka Half Hearts!) about 30 miles from London — and would like to join one of your runs. In town May 25-June 5. Do you accept ageing aliens? If yes, who do I contact for details…and do you serve English beer?

    • Kiddie Muncher says:

      Hey Emily,
      For email updates go to Google.com, then hit more and click on groups. When groups pull up type in CHHH in search box and you will fin us. You have to be approved to join but it only take a little while. Just sign up and say this is virgin Emily and we’ll approve ya. If you want text updates, shoot me a text at 434-409-3157 and tell me this is Emily and I’ll add you to my list. Look forward to seeing ya. FYI a lot of hashers go to Fridays after five on the downtown mall and hang out on, obviously, Fridays 6:30ish. On-On, Kiddie

  4. Rae says:

    Hi, I’d like to get text or e-mail updates as well. I’ve got some people in H’burg (all virgins!!) who might like to join up. I was in Shanghai with the Drunken Dragon hash for a little while and I’d like to join you guys for a run (and maybe start a chapter in this town in the long-term). ~Rae

    • Kiddie Muncher says:

      For email updates go to Google.com, then hit more and click on groups. When groups pull up type in CHHH in search box and you will fin us. You have to be approved to join but it only take a little while. Just sign up and say who you are and we’ll approve ya. If you want text updates, shoot me a text at 434-409-3157 and tell me who you are and I’ll add you to my list. Look forward to seeing ya. On-On, Kiddie

    • greennuts says:

      Thanks for checking us out. Unfortunately no chhh trail planned this weekend, a few of us are heading to 7H4 red dress in lynchburg.

  5. crazee pong bitch says:

    I’m coming down this weekend from pennsylvania – wondering if you guys are laying trail at all?
    Crazee Pong Bitch
    Eerie Hash House Harriers

  6. Gluten-Free Cum says:

    Hey Harlots! I’m moving to Charlottesville this Friday from the infamous Nittany Valley H3–any trails coming up or are you on summer hiatus??

    • Kiddie Muncher says:

      We do hash in the summer i promise. LOL We just have a lot of other things we do as well and not a ton of folks to lay trail.
      Keep checking in here and we also have a google group as well. CHHH.
      On-On, Kiddie

      • Sarah says:

        Whew! Well, I promise to lay sucky trails in the future, though I might need a trail or two to get oriented!


  7. Beat by a woman says:

    Hello I am Beat by a Woman and I want to know if any wankers are going to the 7H4 Anny hash camp out July the 20, 21 and 22nd. Fifty bucks for the weekend. Google 7H4. Living in c’ville now and I’m heading down to party on the James river.

  8. James Elliott says:

    Hello Cville Hash Hound Harriers! Devils Backbone Brewing Co. welcomes runners of all forms! We wanted to let your group know about our upcoming nighttime trail run at Devils Backbone Brewing Co. on Oct 27th. We offer a choice of 5 or 10k distance. Headlamps required. Post race party. Then Live Music at the Brewery. Group Discounts are available! Also, we are offering camping for the evening on the brewery concert grounds.

    More info at http://www.runreg.com/net/3327 please spread the word. Thx

  9. Claudia Hoak says:

    Hey Harlots!

    Virgin here. Hasher in the area told me that Starr Hill’s laying a trail in Crozet in honor of their new Four Kings IPA pack… The run starts and ends in their taproom. I like that brewery so I was thinking of going for a good run and, of course, drunken revelry. More info here: http://starrhill.com/events/four-kings-4k/ for those of you who have hashed before

    Cheers and On On!

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