April Fools Day Hash! Saturday, April 1st

April Fools Day Hash!
Not another Backcheck!

And let’s be real, you all know me by now, it’s about time I got named! This will also be Just Ally’s 1st hare and 4th hash, so there’s a possibility of a second naming too!

When: Saturday, April 1st, 6pm hares away at 6:20pm
Where: Parking lot for Moose’s By the Creek 1710 Monticello Rd., Charlottesville VA 22902
Hares: Just Sherry and Just Ally
Other details: This will be an A to A trail. Bring cash/card for beer stop (maybe multiple). Kid friendly, maybe stroller friendly? Let us know if stroller friendly is needed in the RSVP.
What to bring: virgins, $5 hash cash, virgins, singing voice, virgins, card/cash for beer stop(s), virgins, dance moves, virgins, torches, did we mention virgins?

On-After: BBQ at mine and Love Child’s place up the road.

Bonus points if you can drag out a hasher who hasn’t hashed in over a year!

See you wankers soon!

Just Sherry


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