Trail 18 August

Hello fellow Harlets! It’s time for trail!!! Thursday 18 August 2022.

Details: We have a new hasher in the area and would like to welcome him properly with a little shiggy, some beverages, and song.

Prelube: Decipher Brewery

Start: Decipher Parking Lot

Hare(s): Love Child, Just Sherry

Hares Away: 6:00pm

Pack away: 6:15pm

Trail: A to A ~3 miles

Shiggy: TBD, likely 3

Stroller friendly: no

Dog Friendly: only the best behaved

Cost: $5

On-After: Decipher

What to bring: Weather appropriate clothing, bug repellant, sunscreen, dry clothes and shoes, sense of humor,vessels for down-downs, and of course more virgins.

~Just Sherry


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