Trail #637 – Tuesday, June 8th

Rambo will be departing Charlottesville soon, but in the few years he’s been here he’s really stepped up to keep our small kennel going, so let’s send him off right! With plenty of shiggy and beer! 🍻

When: Tuesday, June 8th, Pack away at 6pm! (NOT 6:30 Bidet! 😜)

Where: 1005 Ashby Place, Charlottesville (meet up in the back yard, trail will be A to A)

Hares: Green Nuts & Ham (if anyone who hasn’t hared wants to co-hare let me know)

Details: Bring $5 hash cash, bring virgins, bring dry clothes for the on-after. Probably not a bad idea to bring some Tecnu or whatever you like to use to defend against Poison Ivy.

We’ll on-after with food, beverages, and fire pit in our back yard, so if you can’t make trail you can still join us later.

In the meantime, lets ponder these questions… why do all the Rambos leave us? Is it possible for both Rambos exist in Charlottesville at the same time? Will we see the arrival of a third Rambo? 🤯


Green Nuts & Plan B

One thought on “Trail #637 – Tuesday, June 8th

  1. Chuck and Melanie Miller says:

    Austin Hashers Weeble Wobble and Pinball will join you soon from our new forever home in Louisa

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