#635 The “Too Lazy to Lay a Trail” Trail – Sat. Feb. 6th

Since nobody has stepped up to lay trail I will reluctantly lay a shitty trail. Or more accurately not lay a trail. This will be more of a social meet up pavement pounding walk/run.

When: Saturday, Feb 6, 2pm

Where: Parking lot behind Target, close to Bonefish Grill (I’ve started a few trails from here way way back in the day when I hashed more.)

What: Walk/run on Berkmar Drive extension

Distance: as far as you want.

Cost: Free? (If someone that remains from our mis-management wants to collect hash cash they can, otherwise I’ll provide free beer and some salty snacks.)

Things that shouldn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it anyhow: Maintain social distance, bring/wear your facemask, don’t be stupid

Since some of you wankers have gone and decided procreate this can be stroller friendly. Dog friendly too. I’ll have beer for circle before and after, probably a beer stop somewhere on trail.

On-After for those interested will be on the patio at Timberwood Grill

On On,
Pussy Snorkel

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