9/29 – Harlot Beer Mile + Bonfire

Hey Wankers,

Here are some updates about the Beer Mile:


 *   When: Sunday September 29, 2019 4:30pm  Arrive any time between 3:00-5:30
 *   BYOB (Bring at least 6 beverages of your choice)
 *   No Hash Cash required, but I am accepting donations where 100% of proceeds will go towards to An Achievable Dream<https://achievabledream.org/>


 *   Park in IX Park parking lot: 522 2nd St SE, Charlottesville, VA 22902
    *   I’ll lay a flour trail to my house starting from the Love Butt > past the painted lime green tree > to my house (two blocks away).
    *   Just look for the Love Butt next to 3 notch’d, but parking by the lime green tree will be a bit of a closer walk.

 *   We will be following the legacy cHARLOTtesville rules:
    *   Must complete 4 laps around the track on foot (.23 mile loop)
    *   Must consume 5 12oz alcoholic beverages that originated from a can or a bottle (carbonated).
    *   Must consume in designated drinking area at start/finish line.
    *   OK to consume beverages in any order.
    *   Can use any vessel or device to consume.
    *   Must have at least 2 drinks consumed by start of the 3rd lap.
    *   If you puke, a penalty lap is enforced.
    *   Time stops when all 4 laps are finished and all 5 beverages are consumed.
    *   EVERYONE WINS, but… the fasted time becomes the reigning champion.
    *   Homeowner is not responsible for any injuries, fatalities, or other drunken stupidity that may occur.
    *   I think there is also a rule about puking within 30 minutes after finishing (Padding extra time to your final time?) We’ll figure it out the day of.
 *   Bonfire: DFL’s will be in charge of feeding their sorrows to the bonfire and keeping the flames going!
 *   Don’t be a jerk and don’t drink and drive: If anyone is being as ass hole or making others feel violated/uncomfortable, you will be disqualified. If anyone tries to leave my property via driving drunk, I will physically kick your ass. There is no charge or parking limit for leaving your car at IX park. Seriously, you will have a really bad time and will be stopped if you try to drive drunk or make others feel uncomfortable.

See you all there!

–Bear Back Fanny Packed

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