HASH NEXT TUESDAY! Red Hot July Run – July 23rd

UPDATE: We’ll gather under the picnic pavilion to the right of the YMCA (When facing it from the parking lot).

Fellow wankers and wankettes,

I have volunteered to be lead hare for a run set for next Tuesday, July 23 at 6:30 pm from McIntire Park. Let me know if anyone would like to co-hare, unless you’re content with this relative newbie to your Hash to bullocks things up on his own. Remember this is not your founder Rambo. Since it will be Tuesday, the on-on might as well be the obligatory Taco Tuesday, so as your hare and a Texan, I am opting for Brazos Tacos on 925 2nd St SE. The run will set off from the McIntire Park parking lot. Let me know if you have any questions, and let me know if you’re in, to ensure we have quorum.  

On On, 

Rambo “II” 

2 thoughts on “HASH NEXT TUESDAY! Red Hot July Run – July 23rd

  1. John Imhof says:

    I’m a Texan visiting your fine city . May be able to bring some Virgins. What time is the on on (pre-lube)? Also, for planning what are your normal finishing times? Any virgins I can rope in will want to know. We have early morning formations on Wednesday. JAG.

  2. greennuts says:

    Awesome! We don’t tend to gather too early prior to trail. I wouldn’t expect to see anyone there earlier than 6:15. I’d plan on 2ish hours for trail and closing circle, on-after depends on the crowd.

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