Trail #613 – The Return of the Incredibles

Hey Hey Hey! We are back and ready to run/walk/hop/skip through what is looking to be a wonderfully wet and rainy trail!
Hares: Heavy Petting Zoo and Mountain Dew Me
Where: Fontaine Research Park Parking Lot (when you turn onto Ray C Hunt Drive, turn left and then left and then left…and then left and left and left and left!)
Why: Because we need to get our asses out in the woods again now that they weather is getting better….but since its going to rain, its because running trail in the rain is more fun than when it isn’t raining!
When: This Sunday April 15th at 2pm
What to bring: $5, vessels, virgins, dry bag, for newbies: be prepared for wet ground (maybe mud, maybe water…definitely water from the sky)
On After: TBD
–on, on–

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