August 27th – Slutty Dress Run!

Attention Wanks!

We have a very exciting event coming up in a couple of weeks so pay attention.

What: Slutty Dress Run, cohosted by cHARLOTtesville H3, RH3, Titanic Memorial, and 7H4!
When: Saturday August 27th, 1:00pm, hares away at 2:00pm.
Where: Forest Hills Park. 1022 Forest Hills Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22901. We have a picnic shelter reserved!
Why: This will be a fundraiser for the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (
Cost: $15
What it gets you: A fucking awesome trail where you get to flaunt your sexiest, sluttiest dress, including two beer stops, down down beers, and a burrito bar to finish. Patch and toe tags also included. 

100% of the proceeds will go to the Sexual Assault Resource Agency. Donations are used to provide free services and supplies to survivors (men, women, and children) of sexual assault. 

If you would like to pay SARA directly we ask that you show proof of the $15 donation the day of the event. Otherwise, show up with $15 and we’ll deliver the money to SARA directly. If you’re feeling incredibly generous, you may also bring items such as underwear, shirts, socks, and sweats, as long as they’re new and in the package. This is not in lieu of the $15, this is in addition to the $15 and is optional. If you cannot attend but would like a patch, send proof of a $10 donation to SARA, and we’ll mail you a patch. 

Misman had a meeting with SARA reps last week, and they’re as pumped about this event as we are! So throw on your shiggy socks, hike up your skirt, and join us to support SARA in their efforts to raise awareness and eliminate sexual violence. 

Plan B

ps. Anyone who would like to help out please contact Plan B. (That’s me, duh).

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