Trail #576 – Wednesday, July 20th

Listen up wankers, we’ve got some important details for trail next week!

What: Trail #576 – Free the Mountain! (A Nut-Juice Production)
When: Wednesday, July 20th, meet at 5:30*, pack away by 7pm!
Where: Trail will start in front of the Jefferson School Parking Garage (233 4th St NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903), There is free parking in the garage, or on 4th street.
Why: Beer. Also, Rock My Wiener Schnitzel will be back in town and wants to see all your smiling beer filled faces! Cum make him pay for his extreme backsliding!
Hares: Ass Juices and Green Nuts & Ham
Other Stuff: Bring cranium lamps or fleshlights, virgins, vessels, dry clothes, and $5 Hash Cash!
Shiggy level: Should hit a good solid 2.5 even though we’re starting downtown. 😈

*So here’s the deal, you don’t really have to show up at 5:30, but if you can that would be awesome! There’s a very important meeting to get public input on the future of the trail system at Ragged Mountain ( If you want to make your voice heard the meeting starts at 5:30, get there early if you want to sign up to speak. There’s no guarantee you’ll get a turn to speak before we hit trail, but we can at least show support and put our names on the list of those advocating for shared use (aka “Option E”). Current rules forbid *unning there (that includes hashing). Also, if you decide to attend the meeting it may be a good idea to take it easy with the beer socks and dog collars, let’s try not to scare the naturalists! 😁


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