hash Wednesday June 22nd

Trail: Caution: Slippery When Wet, #574

Hare: Handy Snaxxx
Where: Greenbrier Park, Charlottesville, VA 22901
When: Meet up at 6:30pm, hares away at 7pm
What to Expect: 2.5 shiggy, 3.5 miles, water crossings
What to Bring: $5, vessels, virgins, your pants (scratch that, bring your Harlot booty shorts…or really any short shorts…scratch that, don’t bring any pants of any kind, pants are forbidden…)

A Note about Location/Parking: You’ll notice there’s no street number in the Greenbrier Park address…I believe that’s because there are multiple access points to enter the park. That being said, my GPS took me to Greenbrier Drive, and along Greenbrier Drive there are two big signs for Greenbrier Park (there isn’t any parking in the actual park, at least not at these access points). Please park on the street in the nearby residential areas and walk in. Walking in at any sign/access point will get you to the same place, just follow the paths to the big wooden bridge and that’s where we will all meet up for opening and closing circle.


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